This wine is unique in the world, because it was made with a parcel of Gamay planted without being grafted (franc de pied) in 1992, i.e. without the protection against phylloxera which had destroyed the world's vineyards in the 19th century.

In addition, a special vinification was made without sulfur (sulfites). Here, the purity is total in the production and vinification!
Jean-Sébastien has put into practice a totally new approach: to obtain a wine made completely naturally, without sulfur, with Gamay grapes from a non-grafted vine.
The result is spectacular, and gives a racy, elegant wine with a very interesting ageing potential to develop even more complexity in its aromas.
The color is very pronounced and its aromas are a festival of black fruits, blackberry, cherry and cassis.
This wine is called "Renaissance" because it evokes both the Renaissance of a culture and a disappeared product, as well as the time when the wine thanks to its purity embellished the Ladies and delighted the heart of Men!

To be enjoyed between 12 and 14 °C.

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Bouteille, Magnum


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