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The Gamay grapes were hand-picked in small baskets and then fermented in vats under totally natural conditions. The vinification, the maturing and the bottling were carried out without any addition of sulfur, an essential element in the elaboration and the conservation of the wine.

This approach is spectacular but truly perilous because it is impossible in principle to make wine without protecting it. Thus, everything is done in total respect of nature, and the bottling is done in March, after the passage of cold, with very strict conditions of hygiene.

It is richer in color, fullness and complexity than normal Gamay because it has no sulfur, so all the yeast can ferment and express itself. It is truly an exceptional wine. Its aromas are marked by black fruits: blackberries, blackcurrants, black cherries and red fruits: strawberries and raspberries. It is the wine of joy, of pleasure, of nature rediscovered and of course of celebration!

To be drunk young, 2-4 years for the brightness of its fruit and between 12-14°C

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Bouteille, Magnum


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